Kirisun DS5500 IPSL Digital Dispatching System

DS5500 is a fully-featured dispatcher that works with a single or multi-site IP connect system, providing voice and data services for Kirisun DMR Tier 2 radios system. This dispatcher can monitor audio in real time as well as the position of the terminal radios. It also provides voice recording management and some remote control of radios like check status, monitor, kill and revive.

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  • Wide Area Coverage

Up to 64 sites can be connected using a standard IP network. You can strategy locate your repeaters to extend coverage.

  • Full Voice and Data Support

Every site supports voice and data, it can share voice and data anywhere, from voice call to GPS tracking.

  • Voice Dispatch

In the control center, operators can send and receive private call, group call and all call.

  • On-line / Off-line Status Reporting

The radio will send a register/dis-register message to the dispatcher when the radio is powered on / off. This allows the dispatcher to monitor the status of all the radios in the system.

  • Emergency Alarm

When an emergency is activated by a subscriber radio, the Dispatch System will trigger an alarm.

  • Contact List Management and Quick Access

The contact list allows rapid access and management of portable radios directly from the main interface. For contact list, you can rapid send stun, revive, kill, text message, private call and GPS polling.

  • Voice Recording

All the voice call communication will be recorded. All the recording can be playback for reviewing the events that have taken place.

  • Message

All call, group call and private text message can be sent between dispatcher software and radio users.

  • GPS Tracking

Position detection via GPS of all GPS-ready radios in the DMR radio system.

  • Geofencing

It supports geofencing. Rules can be defined to trigger an alarm when radio terminals violate the defined rules.

  • Mapping

It supports Google online/offline Maps and OpenStreetMap*.

  • Location History and Route Playback

Location history for subsequent analysis and representation of the location information.

  • Radio Stun, Kill & Revive

Instantly Stun or Revive any radio on your network directly from the dispatcher software. If the radio has been stolen or compromised, you can send the kill command to disable the radio completely.