Kirisun DR600 DMR Repeater

$5,399.25 inc GST

DMR Tier2 / Tier 3 Repeater with slim design.

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  • Professional 1U Design

Professional 1U design saves installation space.

  • Outstanding Heat Dissipation

The unique cooling design combines a built-in heat pipe and three fans to ensure efficient heat dissipation, preventing the repeater from over-heating in high output power mode.

  • Smart Digital-Analog Auto Detection

DR600 can be configured to analog, digital or mixed mode. In mixed mode, the repeater can dynamically switch between modes regarding on received signal type.

  • Accessory Expansion

DR600 supports third party development via a rear port of the repeater. This is achieved via the pin control through the repeater rear port.

  • IP Site Link Connection (Optional)

DR600 repeaters can be interconnected via TCP/IP network to expand coverage area.

  • LED Indicator

DR600 has 9 LEDs to indicate different status such as power-on, analog repeating, digital repeating, transmitting, receiving, alarm, etc.

  • AIS/SIP Interface

It provides AIS/SIP second development interface, allowing dispatch, telephone system and other facilities to be developed by the third party.

  • Remote Monitor and Diagnosis

It supports remote monitor/diagnosis and status control.

Additional information

Frequency Band

UHF – Low Band (400-470MHz), VHF – All Band (136-174MHz)