Push To Talk over Cellular

(PTToC or POC) Uses The 4G Phone Network for ‘Anywhere’ 2-Way Comms

Push-To-Talk Over Cellular Technology is a Comms Game Changer

PTToC radio is push to talk communication akin to standard radio communication but with many advantages, below are some key advantages broken into various key headings.

Health and Safety:

  • GPS locations for your field operations
  • Lone worker function
  • Alarm button / remote listen from dispatch / control
  • One-to-many communications
  • Private one-to-one communication
  • Dynamic group assignment (dispatch controlled)
  • Web interface for dispatch / management groups (work from different locations / isolation)
  • National coverage (share personnel resource)


  • Ease of use (no training required)
  • Robust design


  • Quick installation for vehicles
  • No need for external antenna
  • No voltage regulators
  • GPS location of asset
  • Easy operation

Management Features:

  • Staff location displayed easily from web interface
  • Ability to move assets / personnel to various groups
  • One-to-many calling
  • Private one-to-one calling
  • Dynamic group setting without the need to program radios
  • Staff operating remotely have full communications and control via web interface
  • Remote staff can use PC as a radio (no need for additional radios)
  • Voice recording for transmission / playback as incident log

Signals NZ / LTE NZ:

  • Nationwide
  • Essential service in lockdown
  • Controls PTToC server network (no third parties)
  • Secure data (priority data servers)

Some Of Our PTToC 2-Way Radio Products

  • Kirisun M50 PoC Mobile Radio 4G

    $1,136.03 inc GST
  • Kirisun T65 Portable 4G LTE PoC Radio

    $871.53 inc GST
  • Kirisun T60 Portable 4G LTE PoC Radio

    $1,003.78 inc GST